Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Too Cute at the Pancake Parlour

Anya and I went to the Pancake Parlour at Bourke St. today. Supposedly, I was eyeing the Belgian Waffle place but turns out, it is already closed. It was already 1pm when we had our plates. It was like I was having breakfast for lunch, I love breakfast! I ate pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Yum-oh.

The place was really fun, with this silly shrinking mirror and vintage coin games.

While waiting for our orders, Anya and I enjoying coloring. Two cute artists waiting for their pancakes. Of course we had so much photos taken too :)

Earlier on, we went to Myer to get her a new pair of shoes and also to Royal Children's Hospital for a quick check up.

Tomorrow night, I'll be flying back to Manila. I am avoiding dramas of good byes oh how I hate that. Yet, I already see signs of sighs. People, Australia is just 8 hours away and we could see each other in LA soon or if we get lucky, Paris?

All I know is I had a great time here, thank you Ate Joni and Vincent, Tito Emboy and Tita Cora plus Audrey and Alfred. It was great seeing Ate Mimi too :)

This 2-month super long trip was a blast, great photos, new memories, new clothes, bags, and shoes. Except I didn't get those Prada shades booo! haha :) Yet, I have to go as I miss my room and I have to work so I can have money to buy more travel tickets and shopping money.

I love you all, peace and rock and roll!

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