Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Addicted to the Coffee Experience

Not the coffee shop, but the experience of having a cup of something warm. Over biscuits or tiny slices of cake, taking time out to relax and nurture a warm mug is so delightful for me right now. I don't even drink coffee as much, I always get a latte which is more of milk than coffee. At home, I prefer green tea to help me slim down while munching on sinful choco chip cookies.

My last coffee experience (excluding the ones inside my house) is at Dunkin Donuts, it was a cheap treat for me - after accompanying Azrael to the clinic. Apparently, he got bitten by a nasty mosquito. Really, it doesn't matter anymore to me, where to have a hot drink. As long as the place has coffee (brewed will do) and yummy desserts then I am in! I enjoyed a piece of Choco Butternut donut and my companion had Boston Cream. Oh how donuts are shrinking these days!

Trying to find out the rationale why myself is so fascinated with this drinking activity, I guess it's all about the discussion that goes with having a break with a buddy. Or, all the words I come up with and stories whenever I drink alone, in front of my laptop, blogging - like what I am doing now.

I was watching TV in bed and was restless, could not sleep and all I could think about are desserts that would match my tea. Yet, all I have in the kitchen are azrael's leftover birthday cake, choco chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and lots of canned goods. I am doing well now with the choco chip cookies ;)

Have a good night everyone!

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