Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cheaters and Infidelity

My favorite show on cable TV is Cheaters, seen on Maxx every Thursday. Sometimes it is being shown daily during the wee hours of the night when I am still awake. Amazing how many men and women are being victims of infidelity. Just when the host Joey Greco reveals the surveillance videos to the victims, you can see pain, agony, misery, and the feeling of love lost painted on the faces of women. Most of the time, women are the victims of cheating husbands. It's painful to watch wives and girlfriends cry as they confront their partners, in the arms of another woman.

I have always been wary and aware of how men can become cheating bastards. The last thing I want to happen to me is to become a victim of infidelity when one has given up everything for a relationship to work. There are more and more pinays who experience the misery brought about by cheating husbands. Daily, I check on forum threads about infidelity and there are just so many ladies who have been made insecure and lonesome because of uncontented loved ones.

Reading the forum, I came across a lady's post on how she caught her husband soliciting the services of a spa attendant that offers "extra service". I am aware that there are forums for men who flaunts "field reports" on sex workers and how they give tips to other men on where the best place to go is, when the wives are unsuspecting (check out In fact, the lady who posted in the forum even read her husband's post on the men's forum, asking a sex worker about her rates. I never realized how many men are badly influenced by this website, or at least, encouraged to commit adultery.

Men should realize the effect of cheating on women. I guess husbands will never realize it until it is too late. There are millions of women now starving themselves to death because they feel insecure after catching their husbands with another woman, some are experiencing clinical depression and some would never learn to trust (or love) again. Cheaters, you give love a bad name.

I would like to note that this post does not pertain to any person but would like to highlight the issue of infidelity as seen on television and online forums. This post is meant to open eyes of both men and women, and even the government on acting upon prostitution and protecting the sanctity of the family.

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