Saturday, July 04, 2009

Michael Jackson Listening Party at G8 Venue

Our friends at San Miguel Beer invited us to join their tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson who is now dead. (Can it get any brutal than that?) At the G8 Venue in Eastwood City, people gathered and enjoyed San Miguel Beers at discounted prices to offer cheers to dear MJ.

Azrael was so sad that he got sick during the event and is now on his road to recovery.

People were starting to get carried away by the music, some people cried and some laughed at Michael Jackson's music videos. I was paying attention to his accessories, his studded belt and those killer gloves. Yet, death is a reality and we can't really do anything about it but celebrate the memories.

After the program (read: endless reruns of MJ's music videos), I quickly escaped the bar and got trigger happy with my N95.

I love walking in Eastwood City, it feels so alive even at 1AM and there are plenty of choices (if you have money), for now I just enjoyed the view and the cosmo vibe of the night. I wonder when I can have a real date here x.x

There are plenty of cafes and dessert places here.. huhuhu T_T Really, I am more into intimate dinners and conversations rather than group (public) activities. I shall plan my next date now.

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