Saturday, July 04, 2009

SUPER fun at Super Bowl of China

Super Bowl did it again! Another tummy filling and super fun time served on a plate :)

Chef Roy and Bob of Super Bowl

As I am on a diet, flavors become more important - and quality over quantity. Chef Roy of the Super Bowl of China told us about his secret spices that made Super Bowl's dishes more flavorful than ever.

My companions and I agree that the best tasting dish was the Hot and Spicy Chicken:
Hot and Spicy Chicken

I told Bob, Super Bowl's manager, how it reminded me of Indian flavors that rolled into my palette with every bite of the dish. According to him, it does not need any sauce but next time I want to try it with catsup :)
Beef Fillet Chinese Style

Deciding on which are my new favorites in Super Bowl is a daunting task (oh yeah) but this Beef Fillet Chinese Style had to come in second to the chicken. The beef was so soft and the cut was just right for a very fulfilling bite. One thing I avoid in Chinese dishes are the heavy seasonings (read: MSG) but Chef Roy and I seem to be on the same team when it comes to flavor. The sauces are of the right texture and is not too saturating.
Golden Weave Cut US Frozen Potatoes with Minced Pork

If I were lucky enough to eat potatoes and never gain weight, then I will munch on these potatoes. Imported from the US, these criss-cut fries that are crowned with a flavorful mixture of ground beef is the best thing that ever happened to potatoes. I should stop thinking about them now if I want to keep my waist x.x

Also, we were all surprised when Super Bowl introduced to us their mascots - Super Happi and Super Lucky. It was Azrael's birthday and the mascots surely made us happy. Super Bowl even sang to him a song and gave him this sweet plate of dessert.

Inside the restaurant I saw a poster of another dessert called Mango Sago, it really looks yummy! I wonder with my friends how good it was, maybe we'll try it next time because we will surely go back to Super Bowl.

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