Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Krispy Kreme Love

Two weeks ago, we were able to treat friends at Krispy Kreme. Sharing KK love with friends was fun, each of them were treated to two doughnuts and a drink of their choice. Then I went home again with Krispy Kreme boxes for my family.

Last Thursday, my day was tiring but look at what Krispy Kreme sent over to their Jaka Branch for us. Azrael and I were at the same branch killing some time :) This is the new Final Four doughnuts celebrating the camaraderie of the UAAP.

Of course, DLSU was not present this time but Ateneo was. I ate Ateneo first! Rivalry aside, all the doughnuts tasted good. Unlike what I usually enjoy like the Chocolate Glazed, Original Glazed, and Snickers Doughnut (my new favorite) - the Final Four doughnuts has a cakey texture that is fun to eat. The doughnut is heavier than normal and goes down perfectly with their signature latte that I always have in super large.

My family especially my Krispy Kreme Fanatic sister Liza was super happy to eat the rest of the batch. Thank you Krispy Kreme for ALWAYS sending our favorite doughnuts! Go now and try the Final Four before they are gone ^___^

Mission accomplished

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