Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Table Manners

In attending food events, I have plenty in a week - I just had enough of other people's table manners last night. The food was great, the ambiance is serene and clean but when the food came and everyone was ready to fork in, I heard the word "orgy" being repeated many times.

They were referring to the food being "raped" with their forks. At first, I just ignored it but I heard the magic word "orgy" so many times coupled with maniacal laughter. This is the worst action anyone can present to an event that is intended for many people who want to seriously taste and review food items.

It just made my appetite even less. There is another thing though - when I looked on my left (after leaving the table), I saw someone playing Japanese AV idol videos that showed boobs outpouring from a bikini. The device was mounted on something unlike usually, someone will just enjoy the video by themselves, in their private space.

If there was a council - I wish there was, these people who act like superstars because they think they are, would have been already kicked out of the blogosphere.

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