Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update: Bloggers Help Ondoy Victims

Here's news for you Mickey Mouse, bloggers have been helping Ondoy victims to be rescued as early as Saturday afternoon doh. In this time of disaster, it would help if politicians would just shut up and do their part rather than protect their interest.

Twitter and Facebook became tools to save people, mobilize relief goods, and register for volunteerism. If not for the heavy duty 24/hour online dudes which includes celebrities and pinoy bloggers - the turn out of donations, news updates, and rescue will not be as high. It isn't really correct to discuss this now but my head is steaming from what I read in newspapers that someone said how "bloggers should do their part". Now let me update you with volunteer and relief efforts this Wednesday.

Yesterday, I went to Balay Cubao instead to drop off clothes and register to help. I didn't make it to Enderun for some reasons including that I read how they lack ingredients to cook and donations to pack. So please continue to send relief goods and ingredients to Mega Tent in Pasig today.

I am going back to Balay today to help around the kitchen, hopefully I will not get lost like what happened to me yesterday.

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