Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I Can't Sleep! Missing Anya so much

Anya and Me

I just can't sleep tonight because I am excited to go shopping, grab new sunnies and that animal cocktail ring I spotted somewhere :D Looks like not much is going on these days because of the disaster. Honestly, I am getting bored but know I shouldn't be.
Anya's birthday

I was just looking at Anya's photos and I am so frustrated with a capital F. She's grown up so tall, maybe she is at the peak of her growth. Was my last trip to Melbourne also the last time I could still carry her and give her piggy back rides? Lord have mercy.

She's growing up fast, her face looks different and not so baby-ish anymore. Yet I still vividly remember waiting at the delivery room, all giddy and sleepless, nervous and excited. That cocktail of emotion is priceless. When I tell Anya of stories when she was still little, she couldn't remember them anymore. It would be a different story if I was with her all along retelling all my personal accounts of her tantrums and our afternoon naps turned into a game of "who falls asleep first". Usually it was me who fell asleep first before Anya, so much for babysitting.

Sometimes I hate it that we can't simply have everything and I hate more how people have to transfer countries in order to have a good life. Anya is way better off in Australia where everything is accessible and organized. No I wouldn't want her strolling in Manila with her wheelchair only to find bumply ramps or no ramps at all. Writing this makes me grow a lump in my throat. I hate missing memories and not being able to share them with the most important persons in my life like a) my older sister b) anya and c) tamahome. Letter B being the most important, I think Anya and I have so many things in common, God forbid.

Anya's first time to see a computer?

When Anya grows up I am afraid she wouldn't know me at all. She'd only know me as a far relative stuck in the third world.
Anya blowing my birthday cake
Bahay Kubo
Anya's first drawing and first photos in Melbourne

In this blog post, I thought they were just in Australia for a vacation

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