Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Australia + Cavite

Teary-eyed actually, it's so surreal they are here! They are the next best thing to Anya, Joni and Vincent.

Tito Emboy, Tita Cora, Mama, and Little Yeyey

Liza said "Ate Lace, ang weird para akong nasa big brother na may swap with Australian edition" ahahaha. Finally! Tito Emboy and Tita Cora has reached our place. I started preparing everything as early as 5pm. I wanted everything perfect that I was worried all throughout dinner. Like I said no TV Patrol on TV please while eating, and I asked everyone to have their dinners all at the same time. Happily and thank God, everyone was cooperative. I am usually not OC with visitors especially with relatives but the Ancayan's are a different story. Like I never knew we had them cool relatives that I can actually talk to and hang out with. Super cool.

Here is the humble fiesta we prepared:

I am the only person missing because I took this photo.

And their favorite was the Laing and Atchara as side dish.

The couple looked like they had a good flight. They brought loads of cheese and chocolates, my sister also sent us the clothes we accidentally left in Australia. I wish my sister squeezed in something from Sports Girl (ahihihi) next time nalang :p

I served them Crema de Fruta and tea to finish off everything.

The usual chikahan while digesting the dinner that was

When I received the bag of clothes, the first thing I did was smell them. I have this keen sense of smell, and I attach scents with different places and people. Like, my Lolo's place smells like an old cabinet (aparador) and Melbourne smells like fabric softener and baby powder. However, I didn't pick up any scents from the clothes, Liza said they were dirty! Someone didn't bother to wash them :p

Yeyey and Didi had fun talking about their complicated family tree. Don't ask about mine!

Mama led the couple to Liza's room which we have perfectly turned into a comfy "hotel room" for the duo. We talked for around3 hours more and we let both of them sleep already. I dearly wish we had more time. There's still tomorrow morning and I have prepared danish breads and pastries for them to enjoy.

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