Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Be Our Guest! Tito Emboy & Tita Cora in Manila

Two towels with L'occitane bath products

They haven't arrived but all of us are excited to welcome Tito Emboy and Tita Cora from Australia. I just came home from SM to get final details ready for their room. I went with Yeyey and while we were shopping for food and more, I told her stories of how well the couple and their entire family treated us in Cragieburn.

Yeyey enjoying the mini cart and shopping

2 bottles of fresh mineral water

Now it is our turn and we want their quick stay to be as comfy and delicious! :) Yeyey and Mama are gonna heat up the grill soon and I'll be tossing greens on the salad bowl too. Goldilocks products are ready as well including pancit malabon and the famous Crema de Fruta. I've been coordinating with my sister Joni in Melbourne up until this afternoon.

His & Hers

I wanted to get kakanin as an addition for their breakfast but it's no longer available :( Here's hoping they will have a great time. Photos of the table spread and more later.

P.S. I've finally got a new wrist brace for my right hand! Thank you Yeyey for your donation but I'm paying up soon :p

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