Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tito Emboy and Tita Cora Gimik Day 2

Shopping Date

Me with Tita Cora

SM 3 Day Sale Shoppers

This is their second gimik day but was also their last day in Manila :( I brought Tito Emboy to one of my favorite spas where he enjoyed an aromatic relaxing whole body massage.

After that, we met Mama and Tita Cora who just bought Audrey's and Alfred's spanking brand new Nokia phones!

Searching for a meal

Then off to a quick lunch at Max's, balikbayan's favorite restaurant.


That day was also the second day of the SM mall-wide sale and it was chaos everywhere. Tito Emboy was finally saturated with the sight of many pinoys ahahaha

Before they went to the airport, they waited for Tita Aurora from Imus who was bearing danggits for them to bring.

everyone with tita aurora from imus

I wish we had more time, for a moment I forgot all worries while they were here. Now it is just us again :( I went with the couple to the airport and wished I could just fly with them! We'll miss you and hope to see all of you soon!

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