Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping Budget

This blog post is for my Christmas shopping budget! It's just simply too hard to resist christmas bazaars, especially the yearly WorldBex Christmas Bazaar that happens at The World Trade Center. This year, because I am trying to save - I want to come prepared with a list and a specified budget for shopping.

Usually (read: when I was still single), I don't care if I splurge all my money buying items and clothes that I wouldn't even wear. Now I want to be a budget planner and thought that I should earn my shopping money online. This week, I am dedicating my online work for it. I am even thinking of making a budget worksheet and a list of things that I want to buy. That should keep me on track whilst making my shopping guilt-free.

I am allotting just $100 for my budget and that should include gifts for everyone including some bazaar finds for my own closet. This is the first year I am trying out this "technique" which should make my Christmas a happy budget-friendly one.

Most people would spend so much during the holidays and start the new year with very few savings. I have a friend who even uses a free budget software and so far, she has kept her finances on the right course.

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