Thursday, November 11, 2010

For Anya's Club Penguin Membership

It's christmas time and the first person I always think of is Anya - she's the first baby in the family and as we all believe - Christmas time is for kiddielets. Since she is in Australia, I always have a hard time sending her gifts unlike when we spend Christmases together, I can give her as many gifts as I want.

Recently, she has discovered an online game from Disney called Club Penguin. She actually showed it to me during her last visit last June. I find it amazing how kids can maneuver laptops, setup Twitter accounts and surf for crazy stuff like funny t-shirts.

Anya, she's passionate about club penguin and although I wouldn't want her to become a net addict like me, it's just so heartwarming to see her smile everytime she levels up. My sister Joni emailed me too on how Anya needs AUD 35 to continue playing. I am now working on my tasks aside from a social marketing campaign so I can raise $35 tonight and send it to her via Paypal.

Anything for my favorite baby girl! :) That's us last year in a Melbourne flat.

I'm also saving so I can go back but I am of course, torn in between investing the money or just use it for travel. God will find a way :)

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