Sunday, January 09, 2005

1 million things i hate about you

have u seen the movie 10 things i hate about u? right, it's the movie with the two sisters brawling with each other. come back later for updates because i really want to be creative with this post, if i can.. haha ^^ but ive been a good girl (yeah!) for quiet sometime i may not be able to pull this off. gotta get more inspiration from fred durst and my rocker friends who love to hate. im gonna go back to my room, actually ive bee there since i arrived today! ^^; i was sleeping until 4pm.. that's pretty long.. i even fell asleep at the living room good thing the psycho wasnt home yet but now she is... and yeah i know she reads this (@#%?!) and well its good since she'll be mentioned around here a little more often.. haha.. happy reading to u dear sister and good luck in f*%#@ up my life =p