Wednesday, January 12, 2005

update! update!

that reminds me of little ceasar's pizza! pizza! anyway, i figured out that being negative and all gloomed up wont help me. so, im signing back to my normal mode. today was pretty hectic and im filled with a lot of tasks for school. i want to finish everything asap so they wont clutter up. the past few days, i was and still commuting to and from school. i cant believe i am enjoying it as much as i do. when u walk in the morning, u dont feel sleepy and grumpy when u arrive. well maybe my hair is a mess but the important thing is i am much more awake. i like the way i live somehow... waking up, going to school, eating, sleeping, working out, and eating. haha, i figured im just trading off the calories with my workout and nothing really happens. haha ^^ i workout now because i dont have anything else to do when i get a break from school stuff. i am suppose to sleep but my hair is wet and cant sleep or i'll get blind (as they say, dont want to risk anything right...) haha, and if i go to sleep with my wet hair then my pillows will get wet too. haha. i wish i can post new pictures, maybe on friday or so.. i always forget to bring my camera because it wont fit in my purse and yeah, i feel like someone is going to take a look at the photos *psycho soundtrack playing*

i need a raise for my allowance... u see, i just realized i spend 64 pesos for travel... that's too much right. God give me the grace and courage to ask my mom later for a raise. maybe i'll print a letter again or something. haha ^^ my driver got hepatitis and so i have to ride the bus and jeepney and sometimes the train (im getting good at this). i have found 2 routes to school and i feel very proud.

im feeling good really, much better except for i feel bad i just ate a lot today.. haha..
im getting sleepy... zzzz...

i miss the one that i love a lot ^^