Monday, January 17, 2005

30 minutes before workout

yup.. just digesting the peanut butter sandwich and hot choco. i had a hard time going to school!!! it was b-a-d... not only did i ride a pedicab but i had to give the man 60 pesos for a very short distance... that's sooo mean, i didnt want to argue early in the morning and all i wanted was to be in school and get my education.. anyway, it turned out to be a fun day though. i had lunch again at houseblend (the best!) i love it there these days, homemade tasting pasta and sandwiches at the least price.. perfect for students! (who got their wallets vaccumed because of transportation) i got home past 7pm and im a bit tired but it was a fun day and i feel i have the energy now to go thru tuesday to friday. weee!!!

haha.. im too stubborn, dont u think? =p
i want my freedom back and this is my #$%@! blog =p