Friday, January 14, 2005

good day at last

yay! this is the best day i have ever had since new year... peaceful, quiet and lovely. i want to write as much as i can, u know the detailed version.. but i think i have an unwelcomed lurker so id rather sshhhhh... i'll change my blogger address (thinking about it) because i want my freedom to write and to celebrate each day and to capture them in this electronic manner.

morning view

the group went to Oakwood today for the E-trade bridge seminar/training/forum... what i saw and experienced, i did not expect. when we went in, it was exercise time (forum), kind of like a group discussion and there should be reporting right after. it was chaotic in our table.. we joined some SME persons, ICT and DTI, etc persons... the question was rather phrased in a different manner, and it was confusing but it can be understood or interpreted somehow.. but the adults were having a really hard time and they were like not agreeing with each other... in short, they werent lisening to each other and each wants to be dominant.. and so i tried to help them with their confusion once but yeah, it was useless.. it was a funny experience.. i think the other tables/groups were far better but its okay since its all over and done.

i rode with vincent on the way back... he kept on txting that he was near.. first txt was 5.30... then next was 6pm and he arrived at around 7.30 whew... yeah i know.. next time really id rather ride a shuttle or bus.. i got tired and so i dont want to workout anymore plus its too late already. he just barged in the study room right now and offered me dark chocolates... DRAT!!! im really pissed, hello.. someone's struggling to lose weight here ya know. but what i really want to devour are dried mangoes... omg.. sweet.. n0 fat.. natural edibles... i cant wait to buy them tomorrow at the grocery. i might drop by the mall because i realized im in need of new capri pants.. yah i dont wear jeans.. i actually saved a lot this week and weee!!! im so proud of my accumulated mini wealth. i always forget processing my credit card though.. but i promise i'll send in the form on monday... yay!
i think i'll sleep well tonight.. workout is scheduled as soon as i wake up... hahaha ^^