Friday, February 11, 2005

oh girl ^__^

i am sleepy and i can't think straight, when im in class i hear but dont listen. all day im thinking of sleeping, and a little bit of brownies and coffee or tea. i drove to school and the highway is too crowded, i rode the bus and woke up in front of my village, i almost passed it by... and then thank Lord i was finally home and got a one hour sleep with my niece who woke up and so i had too.

im running out of cash and still i have to go to school tomorrow, it'll be fun though because i volunteered to sponsor my gang's food since we're out of shing shing... we decided, awhile ago.. not to see a chicky and mushy almost yucky movie anymore but stay rather in school for awhile and eat, at my expense. im planning to cook hotdogs for andrea, something sweet for lian and rice for andrea and a lot more, i dont know if thil and lala would be joining the pig fest ^__^ although im thinking of bringing enough for five sexy hungry hot girls, nyahaha..

yesterday... trip to heaven and back to school with a heavenly surprise (sarcastically), there was a quizzzzz waiting for me. but its fine, fine, fine. the chicken burger after which can't taste any better. i got hungry all of a sudden, i can eat a whole cow.

trips to heaven always brings a surprise right after...this time, it's my driver who was badlucked and so in a way, i am too. i had to drive a car i was unfamiliar with which was significantly wider and longer. he got his ulcers active again and i had to be the fastest driver on the road. i had to skip my service marketing class, and now... i have to sing again in front of the class. i'll sing something for Kat to earn pogi points (im kidding!!!) but something that will make the girls melt and wish i was a boy ^__^ coolness.

but alleluiah for yesterday, the coolest and hottest way to ask for forgiveness 101. kidding.
i promise to Azrael and the stars on the sand (ahehehe) that i'll be the behavest girl ever =Þ


azrael said...

welcome to heaven my love!!!

-happy az