Monday, March 28, 2005


This is wrecking my brain. i feel stupid because i cant get myself to familiarize with the interface. anyway, the cool thing is that in multiply u discover a lot of nitty gritty details.

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to be or not to be... that is the question.. =p

Holy Week

Yes, i offer to the Lord all my schoolwork and all the papers and headaches and sleepless nights that i encountered. the hyperseven less the two is almost dying because of schoolwork. no one can imagine what the holy week was for us. even just thinking of the load sends us breathless and my heart seems to stop every now and then.

Some people consider this holiday as a vacation...and poor us we never did set a finger on the sand. our recreation was simply uploading pics and viewing them and looking at our faces, hey we're on the net! *lol* but the days that just passed by has made me seen and all of us, that everything is possible if u work together... ahaha.. cheesy... boinks. its 1am and i have more tasks tomorrow.

and lookie what i found

**** is your boyfriend azrael's ex wife

go figure. then multiply.

c ya!