Tuesday, March 29, 2005

whew.... it's over! almost ^^;

All of us felt like we just gave birth and finally, we could relax. it was a wonderful feeling for us to finally hand over the papers to our professor. hay... and then we had this trouble with one of the profs and i checked my mail, and glad to kow it's fixed.. grrahhh... i love it!

this is almost the end of the shool term but i have yet to defend our service plan in Markser together with my wonderful and hardworking groupmates. we're fortunate we belonged to a good group and everyone did their part. whew...

and im loving this cluster of time because im not worried about anything anymore, and i can enjoy our trip to Cebu then we are going to cross over Bohol. It'll be my first time there but im hoping it's as good as bora or even better.

The quest for the perfect bikini

begins.. i want a yellow or white one, and im dying to go shopping. well, i dont have shing shing but i'll find a way or i'll ask from my mom but that's rare of me so wish me luck. also, im keeping my fingers crossed that i can lose some bulges before hitting the beach. i gained quiet a lot because of the lasallian lifestyle of eat, sleep, work and multiply. multiply means uploading pics, or blogging, or whatever. its our latest form of entertainment, me and my friends that is. and im starting NOW to do what i should do to melt the fats away.

okay... im starting to panic.. i just saw my last summer's bikini pics and i really gained a lot... drat... i want to have better pics this summer. i'll start tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! omg.. im in panic mode ahahaha.. anyway, i better do something. whew... goodluck to me and my summer escapade.