Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back from CEBU!!!

im safe and still alive! those clouds atop the land scared me tremendously while on the plane. clouds caused turbulences and gave us a hard time landing. on the other hand, i enjoyed our cebu working trip. yes we did not stop comparing it to davao but we had our share of fun and food.

I arrived at 10am and azrael missed me so much..... i almost died of exhaustion and could not even stand up for several hours after his welcoming act.

here are some photos from the places we visited in between dropping by highschools and doing presentations.

Port of San Pedro, imagine soldiers were macrching here and firing canonballs during the Spanish Era. we also climbed to the top against the scorching sun.

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Arriving at the Rajah Park Hotel in Cebu, Bellboy too shy to look at the cam

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We toured the Taoist temple and climbed the highest stair possible. Look at that dragon!!! my blouse matched the red theme of the temple.

Manong Lapu-Lapu is very sculpted and muscular...... hmmm

Will post more photos soon. I have a paper to write for my younger sister and a thesis for azrael *___*