Friday, October 13, 2006

im back to work today! manila comics creation seminar tomorrow!

i was sick yesterday morning and was not able to come in. today im welcomed by my desk but jhen said i gained weight huhuhu... i need to cut down on food especially if i will wear the supergirl costume tomorrow. im a bit doubtful if the skirt will fit me.

i started the morning with flowers. i love flowers even if i tell guys id rather have food -- that's not true... i love flowers. hahaha. im just shy to admit it before. it's ate maryann's birthday so i got her a big bunch of mums and pretty smaller flowers and leaves. i got a kiss from her in return, how sweet!

im excited to eat her "handa" or birthday feast in english but i just said i have to cut down on food.


yesterday evening, i went to megamall to attend a meeting. azrael asked me to go with him so i did. but it was the weirdest meeting i ever saw in my life and obviously, he did not need me. i had a hard time while waiting for them to sit down because they were standing the whole time and i was wearing my black closed shoes with high heels and my feet are killing me.

but i had fun spending time with his sister. it's good that she went with us and we decided to get a cup of coffee at mrs.field's instead.

suddenly the lights went out as the mall was already closing. thank God, the standing meeting was over and the 3 of us ate at Jollibee.

finally, i promise myself and my feet to never wear those black shoes again even if they look so hot and sexy on me.