Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Premiere Night: The Prestige, Az is my new fitness trainee

We got free tickets to watch The Prestige last night. Good thing i was all well and there were no toilet emergencies while we were in glorietta.

i saw Sam Oh of ETC, i like her gown. then at first, i thought the movie will put me to a 2 hour sleep but again, i was wrong. it is a very smart and surprising story that was set during a classical era in London where Magic was one of the main entertainment.

Az is my new fitness trainee

Yup! ive re-opened my gymn, cleaned all my equipments this morning and started to give Az his first workout session ever. i need to lose weight too with all the people telling me i gained weight ( i want to put a gun on my head whenever i hear that ). and i think working out again and lifting all my dumbells and plates is a good way of shutting them up.

I'll post a photo of my mini gym soon. im thinking whether i will open it to the public or not. i dont like noisy men. maybe i'll just make it a gym for the two of us at the moment.

Az did really well although he is accident prone because he jokes and plays around a lot. i felt good too! the last time i touched my equipment was last year. it is also a good time for the two of us instead of just surfing the internet the whole day.

next session is scheduled on saturday and sunday : )