Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rainy weather

goodmorning manila. i have no idea how i got myself to sleep last night. after working from my pc at home, i was surprised the sun wasnt up anymore. i started at 10am, i ate lunch, then slept until 2.30pm and was up again writing stuff.

Saturday felt like a short-short day, shorter than the shorts GRO's wear. the sun came up and voila it was evening and time to sleep. this is all because azrael wasnt around. i was bored to death, the house was so silent and my mom did not prepare a good dinner because it's only me and younger sister who will not eat fish.

While i was sleeping last night my ghost buddies visited me. the door would open and my eyes are blinded by the quick surge of light. i remember feeling someone sitting on my bed but i just continued shutting my eye. then the alarm sounded, thank God. it was easier to wake up than force myself to sleep.

Now i am at work in the office. buti nalang! at least i have something to do. It's raining wild outside, i usually love this weather but it is useless when you are alone.. nyah!