Monday, December 04, 2006

lace in fudge magazine ahahaha

the paparazzi caught me! this is my first time to be in a magazine ahahaha. it sounds silly and shallow, but hey this is a first time. Fudge made a couple of articles about the Manila Comic Seminar and here is me on one of the pages. just look for the schoolgirl at the middle and that's me (on top of me is azrael).

last night, we went to the wake of our classmate in Alabang. i felt sad and heavy after going there. But i met my college barkada there and we were almost complete. Mariel did not make it. we talked of our jobs, future plans, and how we wish we can go back to school and be carefree students again just like before >.<

then we ate at Burger King to calm are woes and sadness. i sure want to hang out with them once more, i miss having friends around.


Jac said...

Yay! reminds me of when nasa Fudge tayo kasi nasa Komikon sila last year :)