Thursday, December 07, 2006

Merry Christmas to ME!

SmileyI just won 3,000 worth of e-money in an auction site. I can purchase anything there just like az did when he won 3,000 also. talk about luck and good karma.

Az went home last night with gifts from her mom and I got new supply of my favorite makeup. It's the only makeup that doesn't irritate my skin. That means i don't have to buy makeup for 4 months or more. weee! im so happy! thank you very much.

2 weeks more to go before vacation comes! I can't wait to cook for christmas eve. I'm already saving for the worldbex bazaar which starts today. I even brought my own lunch to work and I satisfy my mouth by eating chocolates in between the hours.

yay! im so happy. i wish i can buy everybody presents especially the people at home so they have something to open under the christmas tree.


Gabriel Cuesta said...

Merry Christmas to YOU! :)

It's good to read happy post as this.

suzaku_lace said...

thank you! and merry christmas also
: )