Saturday, December 09, 2006

World Bazaar Festival at World Trade Center

Me and my mom see the goods.

I made it to the world trade center last night after work. geez, first day and it was already cramped up with shoppers. All stuff are almost all for the ladies to enjoy. Poor men, they just follow around and bring the plastic bags.

I was able to buy 2 pants fit for work (now I wonder where i am going to wear them), 2 cute blouses, and some toys for little boys.

We saw a toy gun which was really cool! it has a laser pointer and a recorded sound that says " Fi-yer, Fi-yer (Fire-Fire)! ratatatatataratarataratat"
Awesome! I bought two of those and mom got one for another child back in the province. i want to keep one of them for myself to play with.

After rounding the bazaar twice, and my back is already aching, we finally convinced mama to get dinner at Mall of Asia, at 9pm.

I plan to come back and buy whatever but the thought of walking around the trade center makes my legs hurt. Here are some more pics from yesterday.