Saturday, December 30, 2006

starting the new year

congratulations for staying alive to see the new year!

welcome to 2007 ^___^
i am not a big fan of new year's celebration, with all the kabooms and kabangs and the air pollution. I wish people will be more sensible... what's the point of making annoying noise from firecrackers anyway? it's like you are burning money and people say that life is very hard these days. that's what i call stupidity.

i will start 2007 with weight loss!!! my face is getting bigger each vacation day. i will save money by not buying expensive and excessive food so that i can get a new laptop. im looking at these laptops. i've given up my dream of acer ferarri, it now costs 150,000 something pesos. i'm also thinking whether I SHOULD buy a laptop and say goodbye to my savings. but this keeps me going so why not think about it? ahahahahaha

ACER Aspire 3624WXMi

Toshiba Satellite L30-C330 (i haven't seen this silver version in manila yet.)