Friday, January 26, 2007

Neo Print

Last wednesday, i dropped by my old office to visit my friends there and also borrow yoga vcds from my boss : ) of course we went to the mall after a brief meeting with some people and here's what we did. all fun and no work heehee : )


it was great to use a neo print machine again! i felt like i was in high school having pics taken with my friends. before it just costs 80 pesos now it's around 110 and the machine is more complicated. haha.

i also played soul calibur for the first time after playing it in my ps1. i did well and now i understand what the buttons do. i have a video of that also through azrael's new cam but the net is slow and im having a hard time uploading.


Gabriel Cuesta said...

In Spain this kind of photo machines are more simple and old, in my city (Alicante) there are a few of SNK I think, but are very simple.

Your boyfriend seems very funny, you will never be bored with him :)