Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yesterday, I tagged along as Azrael claims his new camera in Makati and we were to meet Michelle in Ortigas to eat some food. I was craving for a bountiful pasta ever since the day before, so where else to eat but sbarro's?

I just realized that they don't have half servings for Lasagna and we ate a lot. i definitely enjoyed shoving the food in my mouth ahahaha.

I also went to the magazine store to get a read while azrael is having his toycon meeting. I got Seventeen which is just P85 and i liked the whole content of this January issue. Michelle and i browsed the mag and decided to head shopping : ) i got new shoes with native wedges. i saw a Louis Vuitton shoe with the same type of material in one of my magazines ahahahaha :)

i'll show pics of them after Sunday. I'll wear em both on that day heehee :)