Sunday, January 21, 2007

Watch a movie

what else can i do to pass time but watch movies? yesterday, i went shopping a bit after my root canal (again) and decided to drop by azrael's sister to eat the yummy sopas (soup) their neighbor is selling. i had a great time there and we watched the Clerk's 2 while eating the sopas with bread. i felt great while i was there because no one makes me feel like im a lazy spoiled brat that is on vacation. i felt bad that i had to go back home because i'm still being dramatic about my housemates heehee.

we were suppose to go out today (me, michelle, and azrael) but i decided not to come. i wanted to come but i want to save my ass from being labelled a total brat. as im writing this im waiting for azrael to come home, even michelle did not stay long at the autograph signing but azrael enjoys these comics people.

after i was left at home, i popped in my fat burning belly dance video but darn, i couldn't keep up with the jumping and hopping so i skipped most part. then i watched Juday's movie, Kasal Kasali kasalo with my sister. i was keen to watch the movie just to see the culture's present view about marriage. while watching the flick and during the scene where the husband cheats the wife while the wife is PREGNANT, i suddenly had the urge to check on my partner. i'm totally paranoid when it comes to stuff like these.

here's a funny story. this morning, i woke up and rushed downstairs to ask azrael about my dream. i dreamt that there was this girl who azrael is having an affair with and the girl in MY dream told me that he told her he loves her, that they kiss, and when i asked the girl if he tells her about me... i opened my eyes and realized it was but a dream. it's the 2nd time i dreamt of him having another woman! and sometimes i get confused whether it was a dream or not and sometimes i wake up and hit az in the morning... thinking that IT was real.. ahahahaha if these were real i'd leave him right away unlike what i see in movies where ladies forgive cheating men. i'd find a rich man and marry him instead. ; )