Monday, February 26, 2007

The Weekend That Was

I give my weekend 4 stars! :)

Friday after work, we watched Ghost Rider and had popcorn for dinner. I thought i wouldnt like the movie again but it was okay. it's creepy sometimes but just think of how much time they put into making that skull head burn like the real thing. When we rode the tricycle home, i felt like a ghost rider as it went broom brrroooom!

Then Saturday it was so hot i was lazy to get up after an afternoon nap but i forced myself to go out so we headed to Mall of Asia and played at EGG. Azrael and I played Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive of Xbox. Those are the only arenas that we can actualize what we really want to do with each other and that is, kick each other's butt.

And finally! I once again tried my luck in ice skating. It scared me a lot that i might fall down while gazillions of people are peering through the glass. But it was so cool and i wish i can go again next weekend. it's a good activity to forget everything and just focus on your legs. hahaha

Then we ate at Guilly's Island ( is that the correct spelling?) and had beer to top off the evening. Although the beer gave me an acid stomach come sunday.

Sunday we were supposed to go swimming but my stomach was really bad the whole day so I just watched Kris Aquino, James Yap, and Hope. And before going to sleep, there was a wrestling match (literally) between Azrael and me after we watched Transporter 2 in HBO.

So there, 4 stars! Pictures to follow. Azrael, please put them here please. I hope I have a nice week! : )


Jac said...

You will ;)