Saturday, March 24, 2007

Choices on a Saturday

It's Saturday! I was very tired - ive never been this tired in my whole life. my mom asks me why i let it be because i don't even have to work anyway. She has been going in and out of the hospital because of hypertension and the last time she went there, i was not around and was only on my way back home. No one was even there to drive any of the cars so she can go to the hospital, so she asked the neighbor to drive. it's such a pity and i hate myself for not being around.

Work is still pressuring but they gave me a pep talk last thursday while i was crying out of frustration. I have two weeks to decide whether to stay or not, and i'll honestly test drive myself.. maybe overdrive even just to see if it's really meant for me.

Lots of people - i know want to work in the company that I am in, and when people say 'wow you work in #####'... i feel more pressured. while i was waiting for the elevator, the lawyer that i was scared of approached me and asked how i was. she said that i should think if this is really meant for me because in this company, there is a lot of pressure. and i am thankful for her words.

anyway! we were suppose to go to market market today with my mom but she says it's too hot outside. the driver also already left and so today im just staying at home and watch TV on the internet. : ) my mind is also toying the idea of buying roller blades because i obviously won't go iceskating today. at least i can roll around the village ^^