Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ernie and Bert: Ice Skating Episode

Bert cannot go to sleep, so Ernie tells him to think of something he'd rather be doing : )

And I can't wait to go iceskating tomorrow!!! :) i was not able to go today because my mom wants me to stay at home (she barely sees me nowadays). I want to buy my first pair of iceskates also but i want to think hard first because they cost a bit ^^

I'll also inquire about the lessons, maybe i can have lessons every Sunday or Saturday. I always try to go after work but sometimes no one wants to go with me. Yesterday, someone gave me more coupons, i use the coupons on weekdays so I can skate for only a hundred pesos.

And when im a real good iceskater, i want to be a full-time instructor ahahaha :) seriously, i can spend my time teaching kids how to not fall and how to stand, walk, and so on. that's my dream right now and next is that they can make another huge iceskating rink somewhere. That will be real fun! maybe next year ^^

yesterday i was suppose to go skating in Megamall but i saw how crowded the rink was getting so i passed and we just ate at Tong Yang :) Thank you to Michelle for the very yummy treat!


Jac said...

Oh! I got more iceskating coupons, gusto mo? :)

azrael said...

ayus yan!!!

suzaku_lace said...

jac: ok lang! :)