Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spartans are HOT

i watched this movie after work last wednesday and it gave me an almost permanent smile for two hours. i thought i wasnt going to enjoy it because it was made for men - wrong! it's definitely a must see movie for all the girls out there who want to see real men once again.

spartans are ideal husbands - nice body, strong personalities, dignified warriors, and sexy! they also loved their wives and children. i wish spartans will visit us someday. not the real ones because i bet they don't look as good as those in the movie. when they walk and run in groups with their shields and glistening abdominal muscles during the movie, i thought i was dying and was already in spartan heaven.


Gabriel Cuesta said...

I'm going to watch it this Friday. I hope that it is good as the comic :)

suzaku_lace said...

were u able to watch it already???

it's so great, isn't it? : )