Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday and all it's Glory

Hooray for me for finishing the first day of the work week : ) actually i was really anxious to go to work this morning because i had to fix some deadlines and get some signatures for the papers that i am working on. I almost jumped and cried with joyous tears when after lunch, the papers (already signed) were laid on my desk! ive been stressing about these contracts the whole weekend, wondering if i can beat the deadline for one of the services.and guess what, by the end of the day the deadline was moved. Monday - and all it's glory.

Also, rewind back on my way to work. I asked the driver for my change, and he said "nasuklian na kita kanina ng P15..." and i checked my purse, and he was correct indeed. So me and the driver just laughed it off.

Lunch time, i was with my guy friend Drew and as we were climbing the escalator which was turned off, i suddenly got marshmallow legs and fell on my knees. good thing my friend caught my hand right away or i'll be tumbling all the way down the escalator.

And finally, on my way back home... i was searching for my personal mobile phone and i couldn't find it inside my bag. i called it but i heard no sound from my bag. so i called one of my workmates and she found my mobile phone on my office desk! thank God i have her number - i asked her to just bring it home with her and i'll get it back from her tomorrow morning : ) i thought i was going to lose another mobile phone again!

i still haven't watched 300, maybe tomorrow :) i wish i can also iceskate tomorrow ^^ i'm also thinking of getting lessons just to break the ice ; )