Saturday, August 04, 2007

Applying the Laws of Attraction

Time is running extraordinarily quick, can you believe it's already August ? Christmas is three months away and all of us will be a year older once more. Trying my best to be happy and paint my face with smiles rather than frowns is inevitable. And i think it works! the key is to make yourself extremely happy before anyone else throws you lemons.

I am still enjoying my work so much, and it seems like nothing can break the happiness brought about by it. I have lots of even ifs, like Friday was good except for azrael destroying my schedule and giving me a hard time getting a bus home. BUT i was able to shop with my friend while i was waiting, i enjoyed being with my friend and got my dose of happy vitamins.

This Saturday, i had to wake up early for my dental schedule (never ending it is). To make myself happy today, i treated myself to my fave blueberry cheesecake at Sugarhouse. I was absolutely satisfied with my lunch treat EVEN IF my companion was being rowdy and not acting appropriate. I am baffled as to why he is acting differently, especially when we are out. Getting home, i caught some zzzz's (side effect of anesthetics, i think) and i played wii when i woke up. Dinner was extra stressful tonight with the dogs barking for food, and i read someone is planning to go back to being in a BAND. the only time i will date a band type of guy is maybe when i am dead already. I want a peaceful, stable, private, no gossips, no bands type of life.

I AM STILL happy though since maybe it's all going to change, some people may have to go and i won't regret letting them go because room is always good so new people who CAN ACTUALLY GROW with me can come in.

And i have a lot of reading to catch up with again. no rowdiness or no 30 year old guy throwing tantrums can disturb me.

I thank God for giving me happiness and for teaching me how to hold on to it. :)