Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rainy Days

Ha! to those people who freak other people out by saying drought has come and magnamizing it into unbelievable scale. Rain has come and the streets are flooded, maybe they should have cleared their drainages instead of wailing and complaining of the so-called drought.

I am enjoying the rain so far, the cold weather makes it perfect to have coffee and eat lots of noodles. It's also pleasant to sleep at night and wake up with a glorious shower while rain taps on the bathroom window.

Yesterday, was rainy and blurry. I can say I had a bad day but the rain has washed it off. I enjoyed getting wet while rushing to the car and eating corn kernels with cheese while we got stuck in traffic.

Rainy days are both chaos and fun. Maybe it's a choice we have to decide on but it's always better to choose FUN than chaos. Just think that you're inside a swimming pool with lots of strangers, haha :) same goes with any bad things that may come our way.


Liza said...

good thing kuya rexel is there to save you.
Boy scouts are not like turtles..
kung PAGONG ang susundo sayo.. OH MY! lunod ka na sa baha..:)


suzaku_lace said...

bakit sino ba ung pagong? si pong? ahahaha

azrael said...