Friday, August 10, 2007

How to Start a Relaxing and Fulfilling Weekend

It's the last working day of the week for me and the weekend signals me to stop writing for two days and read. Reading is my private time, it also adds to my word bank. But today, before heading straight home, I'll get my favorite massage at Foot for the Gods in Mall of Asia. I'm very much lured to the eucalyptus aromatherapy that they have. Once you enter the room, you feel like you're inside a Vicks Vaporub factory, and i dig it!

Eucalyptus, once you inhale it.. brings you to relaxation world where no one bothers you. The place is also dim, almost dark, and quiet. I am enjoying my day alone. Sorry to those who i have appoinments with. I am just tired and would like to be alone. :)

Maybe i'll get new magazines to read over the weekend. I just discovered how wonderful Reader's Digest is. I thought it was just for adult-adults because of the world news and serious articles sometimes. Too bad it's just the start of the month and no new issues are available yet.

Then come weekend, i'll sleep, avoid the computer, read, bike, play wii, and maybe go shopping.

Imagining a weekend is fun! I hope you have a great weekend ahead too :)