Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally Aspire

I've been aspiring for this Acer Aspire. I did not plan on buying one today but I felt it's time to reward my hard work and celebrate my writing life. After months of budgeting, I finally afforded to buy this:

Thank you to my friends who went with me to the PC shop to fetch my new writing gadget. I believe this is one of my biggest purchases in life haha :) The specs are just the same as with my boyfriend's laptop which spells powerful whilst affordable.

Acer Aspire 4310
Intel Celeron
DVD recorder
Built-in webcam

Wifi capable
and many usb ports
card reader

I am now running on licensed XP and so far, so good. I just need anti-virus!


Knide said...

Hi lace! Congrats! the aspire aesthetics are good as compared to other brands! A laptop now-a-days is indeed needed. I myself am still waiting for the price drops. I will soon be purchasing a laptop or when my gold citibank card application gets approved. Which ever comes first. hehe

suzaku_lace said...

hey knide! thanks for the affirmation :) i had to squeeze my budget to buy it on cash. all i can say is it's worth it! i hope you get to buy yours too, although i know you have a hardcore pc somewhere ; )