Friday, October 26, 2007

Somewhere down the road

are abominable taxi drivers who pretend they don't know where the highway is. Today i met not one but two terrible drivers. The second one kept saying "tsk... tsk... tsk..." as he was driving into my village. I almost ate the first driver who said he was new and pretended not to know where the roads lead to. These drivers just wasted 2 hours of my priceless time and it's a Friday!

i can't help but think life served me an emotional salad today. happy now, miserable after a minute, relaxed, and seconds later, devastated. some individuals showed indifference today too. so i just think of the things that lead me to my happy place and they are:

- writing and getting better at it.
- saving and collecting money.
- exploring my new laptop.
- rediscovering japanese rock music, Hyde and filling the iPod with his songs.
- imagining i have my own planet called Alone, revolving around it is a moon called Silence.
- the arrival of new magazines for November and the quest for Writer's Digest.
- i think i want to write for the rest of my life.

now i feel a lot better. :)