Monday, October 29, 2007

Gadget Lust: HTC Touch Phone

Why would I need a pocket pc? I don't know, but i want one!

It all began when i met RG in Gloria Jeans, he was tinkering with what seems like an ordinary pocket pc. Out of curiosity and a bit of boredom, I found myself holding the HTC, checking my email, visiting my blog, and taking a photo of myself. Yeah, the HTC Touch can do all that!

RG made a brief presentation on how he would use the HTC to do instant messaging, take photos and store them, and even listen to mp3s and internet radio.

HTC is very much comparable to Iphone. People can't help but compare the two, but almost always, HTC gets the upper hand. HTC has the same 2 megapixel camera, wi-fi, bluetooth, and the touch screen. The winning streak came in from Windows Mobile 6 which the HTC has, letting you write in MS word, do computing in Excel, and even create Powerpoint presentations.

In a perfect world, every spot is a wi-fi hotspot and more pocket pc users can optimize the use of their gadgets. Your HTC can be more powerful if you subscribe to HSPDA service providers so you can sashay around with a mobile internet connection.

The HTC Touch is available in the Philippines for around Php 30, 000


TL said...

Any idea where I can buy one?

Suzaku Lace said...

hi! it's available in some computer shops in metro manila. Try mall of asia and Shangri-la mall.

Anonymous said...

We need to run NATIVE PowerPoint and Keynote files WITH ANIMATIONS to use the iPhone as the ultimate wired and wireless presentation remote. Editing of such native files on the iPhone and iPod touch would be also a bonus. Is that possible?