Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Today is the best day I had for this week, full of surprises and happy smiley moments. Instead of channeling migraine boy, i focused on writing my words and planning the activities i would love to do this 4-day vacation. Flopping in bed, installing my newly acquired microsoft office and adobe photoshop, downloading songs, reading, writing, and biking in the afternoon.

I miss ice skating, maybe i could go to mall of asia on Saturday. Drinking hot chocolate after staying on the rink melts my stress away. I'm also ready with dvds to watch in case i get tired of the internet which is nearly impossible.

This Halloween, avoid the gloom and be happy you're still alive.

What are you going to do this vacation?

Right now I am dreaming of having a wacom tablet so i can draw some stick people on my blog.


azrael said...
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