Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Seeker read the Book!

Mariel and I watched a funny movie yesterday, The Seeker. I tried hard to keep watching and stopped myself from going to sleep. Our favorite line is "I am a seventh son of a seventh son, I am the Seeker, I read the book!" - i almost fell off my seat! Will, the main character is a gorgeous kid though and I believe kids will love this movie which has a simple story line, light versus dark.

The Manila Comics Seminar was also ongoing yesterday, instead of helping my boyfriend, i spent the whole day with Mariel. From the cinema, we found ourselves in a karaoke room singing hopelessly romantic songs. Somewhere down the Road by Barry Manilow is my favorite song to sing! it's so corny though :)

Then to my surprise, the videoke machine showed Kim Ah Joong's music video where she was a mermaid. She's jaw dropping gorgeous, luckily i found the same video on YouTube.

My date with Mariel lasted until 10.30pm, i had a great time hanging out with her. I look forward to seeing more of my friends soon.