Monday, November 12, 2007

Blogging with a Flu

<-- This pig makes me happy (it's a wrist support for mouse)

It's monday and my flu seems to get worse, no amount of bio-flu medicine can cure me, it only makes my bones feel soft and the soles of my feet feel like cotton when i walk. Definitely, not advisable to take at work, so drink it before going to bed and pray you'd get better the next morning.

Here's a list of the things I think would make me feel better:

1. Someone please help me with SEO, i've been researching online and i think i've exhausted all SEO tips. Of course, seo's won't give them away for free and all i could get are the basic SEO tips. SEO is challenging! and i can't stop thinking about it, even when i am already at home i still try to research about SEO. This is an example of keyword density, hahaha :)

2. I want to re-layout my blog, i've added a category section on the left but i see most pinoy blogs these days having a similar layout with clean navigation and categories on the right side. It looks like wordpress but i haven't spent time studying wordpress and changing my blog url will cause chaos for my reader friends.

3. I want to increase my adsense earnings! Suzaku Lace has a PR 4 in Google pagerank which is a good thing! But earning a few extra dollars is not bad too, maybe i should seriously find someone to re-layout my blog.

4. Maybe i should stop thinking now and go to sleep.

If you think you are my good samaritan, destined to help me with SEO or my blog layout, don't hesitate to contact me, i am anywhere anyway. I am willing to sponsor a cup of coffee and a slice of cake :)