Sunday, November 11, 2007


It was already 7pm when we arrived in the new SMX, the convention and exhibit building of SM Mall of Asia, and because it was night, the lights made the new structure even more beautiful.

I missed last year's COMMDAP Expo so yesterday i was eager to find out the new computer gadgets and softwares the IT Industry offers. Entrance was free but there were less people when we arrived as they were about to close. I didn't see anything unusual but I was happy to see new micro SDs with gigabytes of capabilities and the Kingston USB flash drives of up to 4GB selling for 1,700 pesos. Most of the exhibits were wireless fidelity or WIFI gadgets for personal use.

Being around computer gadgets brings me to Neverland and i must say, the SMX is the perfect place for events like these as the structure is big enough to hold thousands of people and the facilities look promising.

thank you to azrael and mark cerbo for the photos.


Liza said...

will you buy me a 4GB usb as my xmas gift??? :) I love you. :)

suzaku_lace said...

i have a christmas budget :) see pinay money maker hahaha ^^

Liza said...

but, are you going to buy me a xmas gift??? I prefer a laptop or if you have a budget... I want a 4GB USB... 1 GB is cheaper... I'll accept that na din. :)