Saturday, November 10, 2007

Riding animals!

Have you ever rode one of those moving animals inside the mall? I did!

Yesterday i called my friend for dinner and after stuffing our bellies in Friday's, we found ourselves heading towards the arcade in Robinson's Galleria.

Patrick and Squidward

Surprisingly, a lot of things amazed me inside the arcade. Take for instance the massage chairs you can enjoy for two tokens (P10) and the animals you can hit with a hammer (stress release). I dared my friend, mariel that we ride one of those moving animals (these are designed for kids only but an adult can fit in too!). Teary eyed and covering our embarrassment with laughter, we chose an animal of our own (mine is giraffe) and slipped two tokens each and off we went circling around the carousel!

our embarrassed smiles

Azrael also found Cinnamoroll's inside the UFO catchers and we spent so much just to get one but we didn't. Each try is worth 5 pesos.

It was a very fun spree, Mariel was very eager to win tickets when we don't even know what we could exchange them for. Too bad though, I was informed today that Mariel's phone was stolen on her way home :( Bad guys! Bad!