Friday, November 30, 2007

Curfew Traffic and My Sister is Back

My long lost sister JONI is back from Australia, when I woke up they were already here and it was a pleasant surprise indeed! I slept for 7 straight hours as the traffic caused by some mutiny in Makati was terrible. There were few public transports, some had to ride trucks, and me and my partner lined up for 2 hours just to get a ride. whew ~

There was a checkpoint too that caused heavy traffic in Coastal road so we had to take another route, my head was bobbing up and down since i was sleepy and the van was taking baby ant steps in the highway.

good thing I had a hearty dinner at Claw Daddy before THAT traffic

I hope the curfew will be lifted today or tomorrow because this is the only opportunity that I can go out again with my sister and do our favorite activity which is doing some shopping and price comparison. I want to take her to Serendra, Mall of Asia, the Global Fun Carnival, Metrowalk, and if I am lucky, I might finally buy a digital camera for myself and start looking at other gadgets as well. There are some websites like that you can visit to find the latest in technology and compare prices too.


Anya is here also! can't wait to go out today OR tomorrow with my baby niece. I hope people will behave today, no mutiny or rallies please. I want to go to work everyday without heavy traffic or the thought of sharing the road with military trucks, let's all start anew come Monday. :)



Siopao Master said...

Oh great no more curfew! thanks to the curfew, our plans last night were thrown down the trash

Suzaku Lace said...

hey siopao! welcome back haha :)

yes i too had to stop shooting enemies in time crisis and stop dancing para-para! ^__^

Chapter 6 said...

Walang curfew curfew saken! Tomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, chickssssssssssssssssssss! =D

Suzaku Lace said...

you're a mad man edward!