Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hurry! Updates!

I feel like I've just came out of a washing machine (i haven't stepped into one YET but there's no better way to describe the feeling) - tumbling, rolling, sometimes you're up, after 2 seconds, down again, up - down, now you get it. What's good with a washing machine though is that the clothes come out clean and in their best squeeky form after a wacky ride.

Life is a washing machine - there goes my meaning of life, after 22 years of existence.

I got the photos today from Money Talks during the Blogging for Money Seminar. Ahh, good times. I love it when my brain acts like a sponge.

wow, they also love to do the V sign

I won tickets to The Kingdom premiere night which i enjoyed last Monday. good times, indeed.

I wanted to hit the iceskating rink today but my partner said he had tummy ache. I am home early and it would really be better if my mom was not celebrating the negativity slash nagging festival tonight X.X